Hello vagina loving superstars, can you help me? I’m having awful BV trouble.

After yoghurt, garlic and cider vinegar failed, I took my salad dressing vagina to the dr.

I was prescribed 5 days of 400mg of Metronizadole x 3 per day but I struggled to take more than 2 a day because it made me so sick.

One day off the pills and the BV is back. The Dr has given me 0.75% Metrogel. He didn’t say how long for, and there are no instructions but ‘apply twice daily’. Lots of websites say it should come with an applicator, mine hasn’t. The leaflet is all about Roseacea – has he given me the wrong stuff?

Any tips about keeping it away are welcome. I had no problems until a partner 2 years ago and it’s never been right since. I’ve been living without washing powder, tights and bubble bath for years, but this problem won’t go away. I’ve been screened for STIs and the results were negative.

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2 Responses to BV and Metrogel

  1. Egneeva says:

    You must have gotten the wrong kind. Mine always came with 5 applicators and instructions to insert (not apply) twice for 5 days.

    I used boric acid capsules when I need to. The Metrogel can cause nasty vaginal side effects that I just got sick of. Try boric acid, every night for 5-10 days.

  2. AniSmall says:

    It does sound like you were given the wrong stuff, or at least the wrong accessory kit — I think the same type of product is used to treat both BV and rosacea, so the actual tube of cream/gel is probably the right stuff, but it won’t really work to treat BV without the applicators. Maybe there was a mix-up at the pharmacy? Even if the mix-up was on your doctor’s end, it might be worth it to give the pharmacy a call to explain what’s going on and see if they can hook you up with some applicators and a correct leaflet.

    I’ve never used boric acid to treat BV, but I have heard good things about its effectiveness. I use it periodically to reacidify my vaginal pH after my period (and sometimes after a lot of condomless sex), and so far it’s worked pretty well. If that’s something you’re interested in, we have some more information about using it here.

    Hope that helps, and that you’re able to find something that works for you. 🙂

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