Ok Vagina owners–I need your help!

Hubby and I have had this issue (on and off) for a while now and we’ve just blamed it on lack of lube. I’m realizing now that might not be the issue. I get a burning sensation when he enters me even when I’m well lubricated (either naturally or with additional lube). The interesting thing is he can feel it too- he can feel more heat than normal. We generally can go slow and overcome the feeling (I think I tend to ignore it most times).

Any ideas?
Thanks so much!

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5 Responses to Burning during PIV

  1. Selyle says:

    I totally get where you’re coming from. Have you always had this issue? I have, and I realized that I had vaginismus. It was hard because I knew I was ready and lubricated, but it still burned really bad.

  2. Begana says:

    Sounds like it could be a mild yeast infection to me, that’s what it feels like whenever I have sex when I have one.

  3. Sseyle says:

    I would guess yeast as well. It’s possible that you both have a mild infection.

  4. Dnrme says:

    My first thought is that you’ve developed a latex intolerance, but you don’t say if you’re using condoms or not.
    If not, then I’d say you have some kind of infection, which tends to put out heat. You probably just don’t feel it until somethin’s poking around down there agitating you.

  5. EllNY says:

    Thanks for the ideas! We do not use condoms so I guess it’s a mild YI…
    Thanks for the tips – I’ll try some garlic next time and see if that changes anything. </p>

    As for Hubby also having yeast (wouldn’t be the first time) can he use Tea Tree Oil to treat it?

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