I don’t know how silly this is, but I’ve noticed that post-orgasm, my vision gets extremely blurry. I can see, but there are spots of light just kind of swirling in my way making it difficult to see and read, etc. It tends to last quite a while, even hours. I was wondering if this was something other women dealt with, or if it’s something I should ask my doctor about.

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4 Responses to Blurry vision

  1. Lrime says:

    Any kind of visual disturbance should be checked out with your doctor, just in case. 🙂

  2. 30ana says:

    My immediate, non-medically trained thought is high blood pressure. But I agree, you should get it checked out 🙂

  3. Hteall says:

    Joining the chorus — this is something worth getting looked at. It could be a migraine (without pain, with aura; this may affect your risks if you are on HBC), high blood pressure (also may affect your risks on HBC), or something serious. (Basically, anything that affects the vision is worthy of getting checked out by a doctor or an ophthalmologist.)

  4. Naceva says:

    The description of “swirling” and “spots of light” makes me think that you might be at risk of getting a detached retina (though I could see that happening with one eye only more than both, unless both are weakened). Still, something that should definitely be checked out.

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