Hi all, funny that I am posting about this, because a few months ago I made a post about how food dyes and other things can change the color of you urine, and once I mistook red velvet cupcake dye for blood!

However — no cupcakes have been eaten this week. When I go to the bathroom, my urine is definitely tinged reddish, like blood, and there is a little pinkness on the toilet paper after I wipe. My last period ended last week (the 7th or 8th), I'm not pregnant/sexually active at the moment and have gotten negative STD tests done since I last was, and I have no other symptoms at all (other than a killer migraine, but I get those and I'm certain it's unrelated).

WHAT could be causing this? I am freaking out but do not feel unwell at all, no fever, nothing. Should I go to the doctor anyway or wait it out a day or so and see if it goes away?

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your responses! Took your advice and made a doctor appt. for tomorrow. Hopefully it's just a UTI and nothing worse!

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  1. Yba007 says:

    A UTI is possible, I would get to the doctor to have your urine tested soon so you can get antibiotics. If you let a UTI go, it can work it’s way into your kidneys… and that’s no fun, trust me (been there, done that).

    Although usually you would experience other symptoms (needing to pee frequently, only releasing a small amount of urine, pain/burning during urination, pressure in the pelvic region, foul smelling urine) along with blood in your urine, it’s not unheard of to have a UTI with minimal symptoms.

  2. Egneeva says:

    This. The women in my family are prone to UTIs, my mom only knows she has one by blood in her urine with no other symptoms. My little girl can pass actual clots with no other symptoms.

    I’d get a culture done 🙂

  3. EohNet says:

    A urinary tract infection. I had one with that as the only symptom that I noticed. After I figured it out, I realized I’d had a slight tinge at the end of each urination for over a day, but nothing I’d given any thought to. In fact, I’d written off the bloody urine as period blood, but then my period ended, so I realized that wasn’t it.

  4. Nosana says:

    Have you eaten beets recently?

    If not, I echo others – I’d worry about a UTI. I got blood in my urine before any other symptoms, so it’s possible to have one even though you feel well.

  5. 715ana says:

    There is a good chance it is a urinary tract infection. I’ve had 3 and each time the only symptom for the first day was bright blood in mu urine. Then the next day the need to go 24/7 and pain set in! Regardless you need a doctor to take a urine sample and get to the root! If it is an UTI you shouldn’t wait too long because besides being uncomfortable it eventually travels to the kidneys and that’s more serious of an infection( it happens quicker than you’d think too, that would cause possible back pain and fever)! Good luck!

  6. Begana says:

    UTI is the most common ailment that causes blood in the urine. You don’t necessarily even need to be having other symptoms to have one. I’d get to a doctor ASAP, UTI’s are not something to mess with, especially if you’re peeing blood.

  7. Hteall says:

    I, too, would suggest hitting the doctor for this one if possible. It might not be a UTI, but if it is, it’s very possibly gotten to the kidneys, and it’s not good to risk kidney damage, hospital stays, and fatality, y’know?

    Good luck!

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