I recently started having sex again with my new boyfriend, after a 6-month period of sexual non-activity. With my assclown ex, I never had experienced orgasm with him before, but with current boyfriend I managed to orgasm. However, I usually end up bleeding quite profusely after particularly strong G-spot orgasms, induced by intense fingering.

The blood isn't the pouring fresh red blood, but is more like a rusty brown, last-day-of-period spotting sticky blood (quite a lot of it). The first time it happened (last weekend), it was a day after my period ended, and it was the first time we had sex. It was supremely embarrassing because I thought I had misjudged the days of my period. A couple of days later, we had sex again but the bleeding didn't happen although I did orgasm through fingering, so I thought the first time was a one-off thing due to my period.

However, yesterday we had sex again and the bleeding started again, after a really strong G-spot orgasm and some vigorous fingering! Same kind of rusty, sticky blood. But it's well over a week since my period ended, so it can't be my period again, right? So now I'm really stumped as to what can be causing the bleeding.

1. It doesn't hurt.
2. He has really short fingernails without snaggly bits.
3. I used to bleed after sex with my ex, but that was usually because he skimped on foreplay and the bleeding was due to tearing and abrasions, accompanied by pain. This time I was very aroused and well-lubricated and I didn't experience pain.
4. He did use considerable force during fingering to stimulate my G-spot (almost like lifting my entire pelvis off the bed) but it wasn't painful (felt damn good in fact).

Anyone have any idea what's going on?

Another weird thing: When my clitoris is receiving intense stimulation, the soles of my feet get a burning sensation. It's really annoying because my brain can't comprehend which sensation to focus on; good feelings in my happy parts or my feet feeling like I'm walking on coals. Anyone get the same thing too?

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  1. Hteall says:

    I’d suspect that it’s just a little extra blood hanging out in the uterus, that a really good orgasm shakes loose, and/or the stronger fingering jostles the cervix enough to encourage it to spit out the last bits… Unless you’re on HBC? If I recall correctly, for some people, the thinning of the uterine lining, when on HBC, means that a bit of lining can shake loose pretty easily — and kind of at random.

    As for intense stimulation… I sometimes get foot-cramps, but it’s pretty erratic.

  2. Sevte says:

    I’m not on HBC. But the lining shaking loose makes sense. I just hope it will stop, I can’t have this happen all the time. Seeing blood kills boyfriend’s boner. 🙁

  3. Hteall says:

    O:( Maybe try having a few good orgasms right at the tail-end/right after your period, in the hopes of getting rid of any blood that’s hanging out there? It’s about all I can think of to solve that. O:/

  4. Uoyeeva says:

    No advice re: blood but the same thing happens to me with the feet and the burning!

  5. Enu99 says:

    I was just coming in to say exactly this.

    It usually happens for me when I’m close to orgasm.

  6. YtZero says:

    There is an acupressure point on the bottom of the foot that correlates to the cervix, so it could be that stimulation of the genitals/ near-orgasm is stimulating that point on the foot as well! Super cool =)

  7. SseNope says:

    I went through a phase (about a year and a half) where I would bleed after sex. It never necessitated more than some TP in my underwear, though one partner was pretty grossed out and felt that it was a lot of blood.

    I eventually realized that the bleeding definitely came after intense fingerfucking, and was almost always after a strong orgasm. Proximity to my period wasn’t really a factor I think it was the result of my cervix getting bashed, but also my uterus squeezing out any lingering blood.

    I was also on the NuvaRing at the time, and later on developed vaginismus-type pain due to the irritation the Ring caused. This may have led to the bleeding. In any case, I’ve had the Mirena for almost 20 months now and haven’t had the same sort of bleeding.

  8. Lasoma says:

    I feel the same thing in my feet when I’m about to orgasm. It feels like this heated, fuzzy feeling.
    I’m taking a neurology class and learning a lot about the nerves which innervate the feet. One of the many larger nerves found in the clitoris is connected to the pudendal nerve.
    In short, it’s related to the sciatic nerve which runs down to the base of your foot.
    Awesome stuff, right?

  9. AroNet says:

    Thank you for this reply! I’m not the OP but the sensation of cool running water on the bottom of my feet (specially when they’re up in the air so it’s gravitationally impossible) with certain clitoral stimulation has always left me…in giggles, luckily, but has been a distraction from time to time. Always thought it was a nerve issue and I’m glad to read that it is fairly common and I’m not an alien heh.

  10. Yssana says:

    Sometimes I have some light bleeding after sex with my husband, and I’m completely aroused and there’s no pain. I figure we’re being a smidge too rough for my bits, or, like mentioned above, we’ve knocked some lining loose. I think as long as you’re not in any pain, a little blood is nothing to worry about.

    I get the sensation on my feet, too! I might be in the minority, but I think it feels kinda yummy. It’s not unpleasant and it usually means I’m not far from the “oh man here it comes” moment :3

  11. Sevte says:

    Oh phew, I was afraid it was something serious. However, it is still something to worry about. Boyfriend has blood phobia; whenever he sees the blood his boner dies. And the moment is ruined! *cries*

  12. Yssana says:

    lol I know exactly how that is! My husband is the same way – he associates blood with pain, which kills the mood for him.

    We’ve had pretty decent luck with sex in the shower.

  13. EcrNet says:

    I had the same experience during and after sex for several months last year. As it turns out I have an endometrial issue where I build up too much lining. I’m not at all positive on how that equaled bleeding during sex but my understanding is that perhaps it was dislodging the lining around the exit of my uterus. Probably not a common issue, but worth making sure all your vaginal health corners are covered.

    I don’t have the foot sensation, but sometimes after a very intense orgasm I lose my hearing. It’s like the sound fades out for about a minute. It’s the strangest thing and knowing that other people have unique stimulation reactions makes me feel better for sure!

  14. Kdgle says:

    I have the foot thing and the same thing as sashafarce where I’ll lose my hearing for a minute or two. Crazy!

    Really strong orgasms seem to be able to trigger bleeding for me if they come very close to the end of my period. A couple of things seem to help for me — first, a couple of days after my period seems to be over, I try to masturbate pretty vigorously. This seems to push the blood out without involving a possibly squeamish partner. I usually use something insertable–I suspect that the mild suction created might help pull stuff out, too, but I have zero evidence for that. Second, it seems like if I’m involved in relatively vigorous exercise, especially exercise that involves abdominal work like lots of crunches or squats, that can push out the last of the blood, too.

  15. AroNet says:

    Hey! I’m not sure about the bleeding, it could be that the wall of your vagina is getting abraded from the G-spot stimulation and that’s what’s causing the bleeding. I think the other commentators have a much better insight on this than I do but I hope you figure it out!</p>

    What really struck me was your mentioning of the burning sensation on your feet during clitoral stimulation. I have the exact opposite in the sense that when my clit is stimulated in a certain way it feels like COLD WATER is running along the bottoms of my feet (literally just the soles) and I have no idea how or why this happens and I know exactly how odd and distracting it can feel!

  16. Senshi says:

    I have had the bleeding issue with several partners as I and my partners are really into intense stimulation and I like to think that the bleeding is in a wierd way a compliment on how good he’s doing at getting me off. So the next time one of your guys gets wierded out by the bleeding assure them there’s nothing medically wrong they just gave you such intense pleasure it caused the bleeding which usually makes most guys feel like sex gods, LOL.

  17. Baybay says:

    Recently experienced this, don’t have periods so no idea why I bleed. Best orgasms ever though!

  18. JC says:

    Since 2009 I have also experienced random bleeding and bleeding after orgasms. I have been to 6 or 7 doctors now and have had ultrasounds, blood work and an MRI, plus have changed birth controls and they still cannot figure out why it occurs. According to the Doctors I am just fine, however prior to a car accident in 2009 I never had this problem. It ended one relationship and the new one I am in now, the guy doesn’t like blood. I don’t know what else to do or try. Any suggestions?

  19. Anon says:

    Bleeding during sex is not normal. I recently spoke to my doctor about this and have been fast tracked to see a gynea. If I were you I would get checked out.

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