Hi there, just a quick query about taking birth control…

I just finished a pack, and forgot that the clinic wouldn’t be open yesterday as it’s a Sunday. This means that I’ve had a day of taking no pills (I just finished the placebo’s). I’m going right after work at 5 today to get more pills.

So should I just start taking the pill pack today even though I didn’t have anything yesterday, or should I take two pills (one immediately and one at my regular time) as if I skipped yesterday? [I’m hoping what I’m trying to say makes sense!]

Also, how long do I wait before sex is safe after this?

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3 Responses to Birth Control – missing a day

  1. Stesa says:

    I should think you could treat it as if you simply forgot a day rather than not having any. I’d take 2 today.

    Consult the directions for your specific type of birth control – as I have no idea what you’re using – as to if you “miss” a day if secondary protection is necessary.

    I take a monophasic (3 weeks on, one week off) and my directions say if you “miss” a pill but don’t actually LOSE it, to take the pill you forgot and the pill for today at the same time and you’ll be just fine. No extra protection needed.

    Essentially, so long as you take 21 days of pills within 21 days, you’re covered. Obvs you can’t take all 21 on day 21 of the month, but you get the gist.

  2. Hteall says:

    So you’re extending your placebo week past 7 days? You could take two immediately, or you could start today. In theory, the two-immediately would maintain your protection quite well. In practice, you might be reassured if you used backup contraception for 7 days, either way. If you have had sex that left semen in the vagina, during the placebo week, then I’d take two pills when you get the pack, as if you skipped yesterday.

    If you have a pack that has 24 active pills and only 4 placebos, you’re fine either way.

  3. TneNope says:

    If you’re on a monophasic pill and you’ve extended your placebo week past 7 days, you should use back-up protection for 7 days after starting your new pills, even if you start the pack by taking 2 pills together. (this according to my Doctor friend)

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