This morning I decided to wax my bikini line. I’ve never waxed my pubic hair before, but I routinely shave it, so I’m used to being more careful than with my legs and face. The waxing didn’t really work out for me. It wasn’t particularly painful, but wasn’t effective, so I gave up. Normally this wouldn’t be even noteworthy, buuuut….

Really quickly afterwards, I noticed a lot of bruising where I had waxed. Now, several hours later, the bruising is very dark, and there’s a some swelling. I know what happened (I applied a layer of wax that was too thick and didn’t pull the skin taut enough), but I’m sort of troubled by how severe the bruising is, and by the accompanying swelling. Are there any serious issues I could get from having severe bruising in such a sensitive area?

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. NvaNo says:

    I’m not sure exactly how severe we’re talking, but I did the same thing the first time I waxed (not pulling taut enough, it’s just an iffy area to work on). The bruising was mostly irritating in it’s soreness, but they faded and disappeared soon enough. No problems during or after.

    Also, usual wax, or sugaring? I used sugar wax, applied relatively thinly. It works fine for me, I tweeze any stray hairs.

  2. Naeall says:

    I used regular wax, yeah. If I try again I might look into sugaring!

  3. XaGirl says:

    I’ve done this, too. Basically, it just hurt, is all. I did get a few ingrown hairs where I actually had succeeded in removing some, but that’s pretty much it, and my skin is all about ingrown hairs. Like, it produces them when I look at it funny. I think you’ll be fine, but I’m sorry about the interim pain!

  4. Stesa says:

    Like, it produces them when I look at it funny.

    HAHAHA OMG amazing comment! (Mine too, pretty much)

  5. Naeall says:

    Hahaha awwww. Do you have to dine and wine your skin before doing anything to it?

  6. Epova says:

    No serious issues. The bruising is probably not from applying the wax too thickly. There is a tendon along the bikini line that can bruise VERY easily if the wax is not removed correctly.

  7. Naeall says:

    That makes sense! I’ve heard that applying the wax too thickly can make it harder to remove correctly, which is why I figured that was part of my problem. Is preventing bruising along that tendon just a matter of keeping the skin taut enough, or…?

  8. Epova says:

    it’s a matter of keeping the skin taut and pulling across the skin instead of pulling straight up, if that makes any sense.

    I actually do these for a living. 😛

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