Ive been using Aldera on and off to treat the genital warts i have and im not sure if its working.I understand it can take up to 6-12 months of treatmeant and it has a 80% success rate but im growing a bit impatient and the side effects i get from using it makes me sluggish and almost nausiated at times.So ive been looking for other ways of treating this naturally and i ran upon the apple cider vinegar treatment.

Ive been trying this method out and i THINK im beginning to see results.Im going to continue this regularly but i still think i should use the fougera/imiquimod cream to treat the ‘real’ problem under the skin.So my question is..

Would i be able to mix the aldera ointment with the applecider vingegar?or is this a bad idea.

Any personal experiences with other methods?i feel like creams are the way to go but goodness its taking painstakingly long.

BTW Its so great to see this community up and running still!<3
Thanks in advance

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  1. 642ova says:

    I can’t recommend mixing aldara and ACV, or using the two in close proximity or within the same timeframe. I don’t know of any medication/chemical interaction, and am not sure one is likely, but a vulva is a terrible place to risk such a thing happening, and for safety’s sake, I’d recommend keeping the two substances far, far apart.

    I don’t see a reason why using them separately should cause a concern though, and if you are seeing benefit, that seems worthwhile to me.

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