My period used to last about 7 days and I was on a 35 day cycle. It was like this for over ten years, but over the past 18 months, it has shortened into a 25 day cycle with very light pinkish discharge for the first three or four days of my period, followed by three or four days of regular bleeding. It seems so weird and I feel like I’m always taking pregnancy tests just to make sure the spotting isn’t implantation bleeding. I’m not on any hbc, if that helps. I’d rather not take anything because I’m going to be ttc in three months.

Any clues to this? I still ovulate approximately 13 days before I start menstruating so I guess it’s not going to affect my fertility, but I’d like to know what could possibly cause such changes to my menstrual cycle. I just want my period to be over with rather than having it drawn out over a week. I’m spending nearly a third of the time having my period!

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  1. Hteall says:

    My first thought is to do a vitamin and hormone set of blood tests. Thyroid, ’cause it’s my pet hobby horse, but wouldn’t hurt to get a sense of what your estrogen and progesterone are doing. Make sure to emphasize that this is a recent change and you want to get to the bottom of it.

    Must run. Luck!

  2. Yajme says:

    I’d go to a doctor to get it checked out, just to be on the safe side, particularly if you’re going to try for a baby soon.

    Could it just be a normal change, though? My period has finally, finally, finally gone from nine days to six days (mostly), and it just seems to be a natural change rather than anything else.

  3. 8idko says:

    Yeah, I agree to have it checked out by your doctor. It’s probably nothing but it’s a fairly big change and sudden too. Something’s up.

  4. Dnrme says:

    At 32, my friends and I have come to realize that over time your cycle just begins to change. For years when I got my period, it lasted 7 days with 1 day completely off in the middle of it, my cramps lasted 48 excruciating hours the first two days (cramps literally starting within a minute or two of bleeding), I had no emotional PMS, and it was irregular.

    Now my period lasts 3-4 days, my cramps can start days before my period and are all over the place, I have emotional PMS that can last for up to 2 weeks, and it’s on a 3-week cycle.

    I’ve asked around a LOT (especially about the PMS) and I’ve come to an interesting theory. I think that because women are waiting longer and longer to have children (or choosing of course not to have them at all), our cycles have dramatic changes that previous generations didn’t have. I mean, a few generations ago women were poppin’ out babies at 16 or 17, and kept on having them. That’s a huge hormonal surge that our bodies have evolved to adapt to.

    I made the connection when older women said their terrible PMS went away after their first kid. This after my naturopath said that in the past 10 years she’s had a huge increase in women with PMS / PMDD problems that aren’t natural. I imagine that in combination with food laced with unnatural hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals are creating issues for us. I switched to hormone-free everything about 6 years ago however, and my period has continued on it’s downward spiral of bizarre behavior.

    … sorry for the really long rambling answer!

  5. Hteall says:

    My PMS showed up after I had my kid — I cry “age brings hormonal changes” and “nutrition counts.” If they were eating better because they were nursing, and/or taking the rest of their prenatal vitamins, then they might’ve been getting different nutrition than pre-kid. (Or they cut out coffee, etc., etc. I cut out a lot of corn syrup stuff when I was pregnant, because it tasted awful then, and never worked on re-gaining the taste for it — unlike chocolate, which also tasted awful when I was pregnant, but which I now like again.)

  6. Dnrme says:

    *nods* man, my PMS is so scary pregnancy terrifies me.

    I eat crazy healthy compared to how I used to… I actually wondered for a while if junk food was PREVENTING my PMS.

  7. Hteall says:

    Check your vitamin B. I started taking extra B all the time and my PMS slowly became much, much less of an issue. But some people report that taking extra B makes them more anxious/irritable, so you may want to get a blood test instead of taking it and monitoring how you feel. (It took me about 2 months of B to get a noticeable lightening of my PMS depression. I still tend to be a bit crabbier about a week out from my period, but it’s loads better now.)

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