Hi everyone, just a quick question about periods.

Usually about 2-5 days before my period I get pretty clear PMS symptoms such as sore boobs, stomach cramps and fatigue. When my period does come, I usually experience about 3-4 hours of cramps with a light flow, then once that passes a normal flow for about 3-4 days.

My most recent period however, came suddenly with no symptoms, no cramping, was fairly light and is extremely light during the third day, where normally I would still be quite heavy. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and I have had unprotected sex once where he did not come inside me, so I am unsure what to think. Should I consult my doctor? Am I safe in thinking that because I have had a period that I may not be pregnant?

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  1. Ydaro says:

    Consult your doctor. It might simply be an abnormal period, but it might also be implantation bleeding.

  2. Aakzoa says:

    my period is on time and the consistency of it is normal apart from the obvious shortness of it, would I still get implantation bleeding during the time I am due for my period even if the unprotected sex was about three weeks before?

  3. Ydaro says:

    Most likely not, but a home pregnancy test can let you know for sure.

  4. Ttefornia says:

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  5. Hteall says:

    I’d say that if it’s been 19+ days since the sex in question, there’s no harm in taking a pregnancy test, and decidual bleeding (bleeding during pregnancy that mimics period-timing, but does not indicate miscarriage) is a sufficiently confusing thing for some that it’s worth the buck if you’re in the US: peeonastick.com likes Dollar Tree Store tests, finding them as reliable as many of their drugstore cousins and better than some.


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