Ugh, hoping you all can help. So along with the infection from retained placenta I also have a uti. Was put on antibiotic to clear both apparently but I’m finding the uti isn’t going at all considering kidney pain and constant feeling of needing to urinate. I was prescribed flagyl but maybe it doesn’t kill uti specifically.

Is there Anything I can do in the meantime to help with symptoms until I can get back to a doctor? Does drinking water help?? I can’t sleep even though I’m exhausted so any advice would be great. Also is there something you can get which helps until antibiotic kick in?? Thanks 🙂

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  1. EadWo says:

    Drinking water can help alleviate the symptoms – being hydrated and having something in your kidneys to help flush them out can make it a little easier to cope with. Also, you might try a heat pack over your kidneys to relieve some of the pain as well.

  2. StcWo says:

    Thanks! I’ve a hot water bottle at hand and been drinking lots of water in the hopes it will help!

  3. Kdgle says:

    I can’t remember if Azo is available OTC or not, but I seem to remember getting it by asking my pharmacist. It will turn your pee BRIGHT ORANGE (capitals to indicate the ‘holycrapsoorange’ thing that happens). But, it will really relax the worst of the spasms. Drinking lots of water will help a great deal as quietchildae says, and so will a heat pack. You can also drink herbal tea if you’re tired of so much water, but you might want to avoid anything with hibiscus in it, as hibiscus can contribute to bladder spasms and that’s the last thing you need right now!

  4. StcWo says:

    I have some chamomile tea but dont know what’s in it, I will check as I usually use it to relax. Are you from the uk? I have no idea what they have over here so will check with pharmacy. America is so much better for this stuff!

  5. 38ere says:

    Drink a bunch of cranberry juice, and get some of the Azo that dkwgdk is talking about.

  6. EadWo says:

    Just as a note, unless you’re drinking 100% pure cranberry juice with no added sugar, there is no noticeable benefit to drinking juice vs water – it’s the excess hydration that helps with clearing the infection rather than cranberry juice specifically.

    Real cranberry juice does have some great antibacterial/antibiotic effects, but unfortunately the stuff you get in most stores is not really …cranberry juice any more, due to added “natural flavors and other juices” and added sugar. Most health food stores do carry real 100% cranberry, but it’s a bit of a handful to drink. Cut it with water to make it a bit more palatable.

  7. SseNope says:

    I once sweetened my cranberry juice with beets. SO RED.

    Cranberry or mannose-d pills may be more palatable, but a nurse on a previous post pointed out that making your urine more acidic might actually make the pain worse.

    So. Water, water, water. I’ve also heard good things about pouring water over your vulva while you’re peeing. It still doesn’t relieve the awful cramping stabbing inside your urethra, but it distracts your body a little bit. And if you can’t find AZO, Cystex is supposed to be like AZO, only non-dyeing.

  8. EadWo says:

    o.O So MUCH RED!!! 😀

    But yes. Mooooree water! It’s my response to a lot of things – dehydration is a serious problem for most people, and they don’t even realize it.

  9. StcWo says:

    Thanks, hopefully it’s sold here. I used to try and drink cranberry juice but can never find it pure, think water is best right now 🙂

  10. AetFire says:

    how long have you been on the medication for? it can take up to 48-72 hours to notice any effect. also seconding what others said about drink drink drink.

    depending on how long you have been on the antibiotic, you may want to give your doc a call to add something else(i’m assuming the flagyl is also being used for your infection related to the retained placenta). on a side note, working in health care, i’m not sure i’ve ever seen anyone prescribed flagyl for a uti. a quick google search made it seem like it might be a bit of a crap shoot as to whether or not it will work – your doc was probably trying not to overload you on antiifectives.

  11. StcWo says:

    5 days out of a 7 day course. Yeah I found its not usually prescribed for uti. Either he forgot to give me one for it or he thought that too much antibiotic is bad idk. But I can’t put up with the stinging so you know. I know metranidazole is a strong one for pelvic infection and it’s probably helped with that but by god the other symptoms are harsh.

  12. AetFire says:

    sorry i wasn’t able to reply earlier, i hope you’re either feeling better or called your doctor

  13. StcWo says:

    Thanks.. I went to A&E and they prescribed two stronger things for the pain which has helped a little but given me some IBS symptoms. I’ll see how the antibiotics plays out for the rest of the course and will be seeing a gynae tomorrow so hopefully will have a few more answers. Want to be referred to a Urologist for my bladder symptoms but doctor wants to wait on it first.. ugh.

  14. Sdu007 says:

    Did they culture the bacteria causing your UTI? Those infections can be cause by different bacteria that don’t all respond to the same ABs. When I had one they gave me the most common AB, but also did a culture. A few days later the culture came back and I had to switch ABs. The change in response was nearly immediate.

  15. StcWo says:

    They checked my urine at the A&E. But I went back to the doctor today with my symptoms and nothing came up in my urine so now I’m horribly confused. I have no idea why I have UTI symptoms and no UTI except for the fact that I’ve suffered from overactive bladder in the past?

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